5-Star System Implementation Project

Numerous companies are failing to attain their predicted and desired results and profits, causing stress to build up with no solution at hand. Reaching out for external help, to get your company on the right course towards maximum success, is vital!


A 3-month Implementation Project, personally coached by Michael Bang, in one of the three subjects seen below, designed to ensure your company puts your chosen 5-Star System to full use and through continues training constantly improves your team and overall results.

5-Star System
Evaluate Situation
Kick-Start Event
Prepare Course
Live Training
Produce Course
Training Center
Train the Trainer
Develop System
Daily Training
Coaching Support
5-Star System
5-Star Team
12 project steps Evaluate Situation

We will collect all the needed information to really understand the present situation of your company.

  1. What is the current condition of your company?
  2. What are the company Mission, Vision & Values?
  3. What is the Company SWOT Analysis?
  4. What are the challenges to achieve the goals of your company?
1. Evaluate Situation

Collecting all the necessary information to
fully understand the present situation of
your company is essential when starting up
the Implementation Project.

  1. What is the current condition of your
  2. What are the company Mission, Vision &
  3. What is the Company SWOT Analysis?
  4. What are the Strategic Plans?
  5. What is the company Structure?
  6. What are the challenges in achieving the
    goals of your company?
2. Kick-Start Event

When implementing important systems,
numerous companies tend to fail at this
challenge. They often stretch the
timeframes of their project due to failure of
proper team involvement or by simple
negligence – both will ultimately end up
exceeding their budget.

To address this common issue we will do a
1-day Kick-Start Event to get your team onboard for the project and have individual
meetings as needed.

This part is to overcome any possible
resistance or misunderstandings.

Furthermore, to ensure your team gets not only gets involved but also excited about the
implentation of your 5-Star System.

3. Prepare Course

Based on the information provided by you,
concerning your company’s current
situation, goals and every-day challenges,
together we will determine which one (or
more) of the following systems is vital for
your company.

  1. 5-Star Team System
  2. 5-Star Sales System
  3. 5-Star Service System

Preparation of the CTC (Company Training
Course) with all the relevant content to
provide the required motivation, knowledge
& skills for your team will then be

4. Live Training

Together we will gather a group of your
team members to do the Live Training, with
a fine balance between theory and practice
injected into sections and lessons.

All of the training will be filmed to create
your very own CTC (Company Training

It is imperative that the team members
chosen for the filming are both energetic
and possess a Positive Mental Attitude
(PMA) towards the training program.

This is to ensure that future team members
will be positively inspired by the video

Each Live Training of the system(s) takes 2-
3 days to execute.

5. Produce Course

Your CTC (Company Training Course) will
now take form as the video material will
be edited into actual video lessons to
combine with corresponding workbooks
and slides – all specifically designed to explore your
teams potential and to enhance their

Each lesson contains 3 steps:

  1. Watch the video lesson
  2. Study the workbook
  3. Do the practical assignment

The CTC (Company Training Course) is
mandatory and designed to unite and
sharpen the skills of your existing team
members, while also effectively train new
ones to get them into action and achieve
maximum results.

6. Training Center

With our assistance your Training Center will now be established with your projector, flipchart, video-equipment and workstations set up with computers.

The Training Center will be a unique place in your company for your team members to do continuous training, thereby increasing their knowledge of the system and sharpening their skills.

Furthermore, it can be used to train your team on other technical and administrative subjects as needed.

7. Train the Trainer

Instructing your own Company Trainer will
now commence, making sure he/she will
know how to properly train the team
members in the CTC (Company Training

Your Company Trainer will also be coached
on how to motivate and do continuous
training with your team members on a
daily or weekly basis, keeping them sharp
on the system and always improving their

8. Develop System

In this step the project really takes off.

Everything now comes together and the
team gets fully involved in brainstorm
sessions to create personalized
Instructions and Scripts for your company.

The Instructions and Scripts will then be
packaged into your 5-Star System to
properly train your team onwards in a
fast, practical and effective way.

9. Daily Training

A well designed setup of a daily or weekly
training routine is key in developing
successful habits and skills.

First off, your team will be constantly
familiarized with your 5-Star System.

Secondly, your team will continuously
improve their work efforts by keeping
their motivation high.

Thirdly, a positive team spirit will
automatically be implemented with a
united goal to increase results and help
make your company move forward.

10. Coaching Support

As part of the Implementation Project you
will receive 3 months full coaching

  1. To ensure that your 5-Star System is
    properly created and prepared for your
  2. To ensure that your 5-Star System will
    be implemented in your company.
  3. To ensure continuous training of your
    team members is being upheld to constantly
    improve them and their results.
  4. To ensure that all questions are
    answered and that any
    misinterpretations are corrected at any

It is in our best interest that you are
constantly supported along the way – We
are with you on this new journey.

11. 5-Star System

By completing this project of
implementing the 5-Star System in your
company you will have the following

  1. Your own 5-Star System with written
    Instructions & Scripts.
  2. Your own CTC (Company Training
  3. Your own fully functional Training
  4. Your own 5-Star Company Trainer.
  5. Your very own daily or weekly training

Once you have implemented your first
5-Star System, implementation of other
5-Star Systems can now be achieved
easier and faster because of your newly
acquired know-how, Training Center and
fully trained Company Trainer!

12. 5-Star Team

By successfully implementing your
5-Star System, you have now established
the foundation which will ensure that you:

  1. CAN create a real 5-Star Team.
  2. ARE able to compete with the best
    companies in your industry.

You now have a massive ROI (Return on
Investment) of your time and money
spent on this 5-Star Implementation

Who will benefit from this project

This project is designed for companies that are dissatisfied with their current position in the market and wants to improve their results and profits, believing it’s possible to achieve more.

The project will benefit companies realizing that the development of a practical in-house training system, and the continuous use of it, will increase the portfolio of clients, generate more revenue and ultimately situate the company at the top of its market.

Why should you do this Implementation Project?

Imagine having a company that does not strive to become the best and fails to develop their true potential by simply accepting lower levels of success.

Now imagine having a real 5-Star Team, always willing to go that extra mile to produce outstanding results and deliver excellent service, while at the same time maintaining the best possible work environment by fully involving everyone in the success of the company.

Boost your “normal” Company with the 5-Star Implementation Project to become an exceptional Business.

If your team is not operating at its full potential.
If you want a system of fast and continuous training of your team.
If you are dealing with tough competition in your market.
Mariam Kvrivishvili Head of Georgian National Tourism Administration, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Georgian National Tourism Administration is pleased to have this opportunity to provide a letter of recommendation for Mr. Michael Bang.

The Georgian National Tourism Administration hosted “Sales & Negotiation” training seminar managed by Mr. Michael Bang, which was attended by more than 200 representatives of the tourism sector of Georgia. It should be highlighted that the training exceeded our expectations with amazing feedback from the participants, their words show the value and benefit of such training.

Since Mr. Michael Bang has respectful experience in the fields of sales and customer service, as well as maintaining successful and productive relationships with the various types of companies all around the world we recommend him as a valuable trainer who can give theoretical and practical knowledge based on his personal experience.

We would strongly recommend you invite Mr. Michael Bang to speak to any group who has a desire to improve their sales and prosper in business based on innovative ideas and techniques.

Company Logo
Emilio Bertinato Entrepreneur Milano, Italy

I’ve always had a great attraction for sales but also always had a major back off from truly capitalize on this somewhat natural drive and passion for being a salesman.

Then what do you know, I found myself attending a seminar from one Michael Bang…. didn’t really know what he will be talking about and guess what… exactly… it was a Sales Seminar.

Well, through his authentic passion for the subject of sales and his many years proven techniques Michael shared in that seminar it opened a breach into my resistance to sales and yes you guessed it right, Sales has since that Seminar become my main activity.

I’m proud to call myself a SALESMAN and what I’ve created since that seminar I would have NEVER been able to create in any other occupation, not only in term of revenue – MONEY ARE IMPORTANT, but also in term of true and sincere help to others – this truly being my heartfelt passion and Life Mission!

And yes, you guessed it right Mr. Sales Michael Bang, beautiful and talented wife Anastasia and I have since that seminar become best of friends!!

Tal Ezra CEO, SCI Distribution LLC Florida, United States

Mr. Michael Bang did a wonderful seminar in our company, SCI Distribution.

Michael delivered a very interesting and enthusiastic training to our staff covering different subjects related to motivation, sales & life.

Two weeks after the seminar – using the tools that was presented to us – we have tripled the sales and income of our company, TWO WEEKS, this is how powerful the knowledge is. It is easy to understand and implement.

Our employees got valuable knowledge that they can use in life and business.

Michael Bang is in fact one of the most enthusiastic, alive and yet humble individual with the true intention to help others to be successful using the knowledge of management technology and life experience of Michael.

I recommend all to have that experience with Michael Bang and get the knowledge he is willing to share.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Michael Bang for the training in our company and exploring myself and my staff to the valuable data. We really did enjoy it.

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